Friday, November 19, 2010

Aston Martin Endurance Racer Review

John Simister of Classic test drives Aston's endurance racers around the Silverstone Circuit. An exciting look into the full range of Aston Martins's racer program the article also has some great pictures of the interior prep of the race cars.

Read the full article here.

Cut now to Silverstone on an uncharacteristically sunny November day. Here are the two racing cars, still in full 'Ring livery, ready to take to the track. Not the full track; this will be the 'International' circuit, with Becketts a near-hairpin and a straight through the middle up to the Luffield sequence. And I'm about to drive them.

First off, a few laps in a road Rapide to calibrate myself and set a template. It feels rapid, as its name suggests, but it's also measured, languid, unflustered in Silversone's wide spaces. Shedding nearly half a ton might change things quite a lot, I feel.

A nice place to do business:

So many choices, so little time:

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