Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Aston Martin's cygnet will prove an ugly duckling

Interesting commentary on emissions strategy of the Cygnet.

Cue the Cygnet which, with its meagre 1.3L engine, produces only 110g of CO2 per km. Manufacture 3,000 Cygnets a year, as Aston plans to do from 2011, and you have a nice way of bringing down Aston’s average emissions per car. But here’s the catch - Aston has neither the time, money, core competence or production capacity to make their own economy car at such short notice, so it has opted to import and modify Toyota’s new mini-car the IQ (pictured, left) instead. Add some touches to the bodywork, upgrade the interior and you may be able to sell the Cygnet (pictured, right) for £30,000 - about double the price of the IQ.

Found at Marketing Week

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