Tuesday, November 9, 2010

If I had a Billion Dollars: Classic Aston Martin Racing

Discovery network's HD Theater has shown various episodes from the 6-part "GT Racer" series over the last year. The most captivating edition was the "Shaken & Stirred" following two classic Aston Martins during a 6-hour race at Spa in Belgium

The "Gentleman Racer" creed is: "To be rich enough to race cars, you have to be rich enough to crash them."

There is a great example in this video when they put a million dollar plus 1960 DB4GT (V8)

...into the armco at the top of Eau Rouge:

Looking out the windscreen at the Becks sign is bad.

I would highly recommend catching this show if you see it on TV. The sounds alone are intoxicating.

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