Friday, December 3, 2010

AUCTION: 1958 DB MKIII DHC project car

Here is another project car. This one comes with a lot of stories, and a buyer would be well advised to approach with some trepidation. I think this one is a sad tale of someone who wanted to restore a car and got in over their head. You wonder what the previous owner was doing when the machine shop "mislaid" the head. I like how, "oops, lost it" is an acceptable answer. Given the missing parts and the dubious half-restored condition the pre-auction estimate of £55,000-75,000 seems rich to me. It does come with a "Bagof old engine gaskets" You'll need those.

Want to take the risk on this project, buy it Here

This rare DB MKIII DHC has been stripped down in readiness for full restoration. The car is now loosely assembled in order to be offered for sale due to a change of plans.

The car is said to be missing the cylinder head assembly, and two of the pistons are said to have sustained damage. The interior is complete, as is the hood and hood frame. The total recorded mileage is quoted as 92,265 and the car was originally registered FPL 10 when new in 1958. The car has been in the same ownership since 1986.

We are advised, by the vendor, that the cylinder head suffered damage and was sent for repair. The engineering company that was carrying out the work appear to have mislaid the head. The car still has the inlet and exhaust manifolds, carbs and other ancillaries.

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