Thursday, December 2, 2010

Auction: 1960 Aston Martin DB4, DEC 12, 2010

Found at Classic Driver for auction on Dec 12 in France. I have provided a Google Translate version of the ad below. Est price 127.245 - 152.694 GBP. No pictures of the interior, but from the outside, ne plus ULTRA!

Translation of ad:

It was at the Paris Motor Show 1958 Aston Martin DB4 unveils. This model inherits nothing from the previous models except the prestige of the brand. It is this model which opens new site in Newport Pagnell, with the abandonment of the historic factory in Feltham is a beautiful page in history that David Brown will write.
The engine, signed Taded Marek, is brand new. It is a splendid 6-cylinder 3670cc in line wearing a breech twin cam, all aluminum alloy. With two SU HD8 carburetors, power was advertised 240 hp at 5,500 rpm. It replaces the "old" cast iron engine of WO Bentley. The platform, designed by Harold Beech is also brand new and is equipped with 4 disc brakes.
The aluminum body is a beautiful fastback. It is signed by the Italian master coachbuilder Touring and is executed according to his patented "Superleggera" aluminum sheet formed and fixed on a thin mesh tube. They will be manufactured under license by Touring AML. The association Touring / Aston Martin will last until 1970 with the DB4, DB5 and DB6, a real saga Italian-English success, they are among the most popular Aston Martin today.
The DB4 is likely to continue throughout his career from 1958 to 1963 although there were a total of 5 series representing a production of 1215 copies.
Revision Ultrasport as the DB4 GT or specially dedicated to competition as the DB4 GT Zagato did a lot for the prestige of this model.

The model displayed is the serial number DB4/456/L. The L is the side of the pipe, left as the left, so it's a LHD home. This beautiful DB4 is one of the 351 built belong to the second series that features the first by a larger oil sump and the engine hood that opens from the front to the rear. The first series tended to be heated. The interior is plush and well finished. The original leather was cream-colored patina as it likes, it is of course the leather "Connolly, the ne plus ultra. The meter is in km / h. Her beautiful blue metallic hue suits her wonderfully. Behind the wheel of original wooden shuttering riveted and three matte black, it is difficult not to feel a certain emotion, a subtle mixture of pleasure, power and fear. With a top speed of around 230 km / h, the DB4 was no strong opposition at the time and it represented the ultimate well on the road 60s. It's a natural elegance that emerges from this Aston Martin, one of best brand models. Rarely given, the DB4 is not only rare and pleasant, it is mainly a sport elegant and refined.

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