Friday, December 3, 2010

AUCTION: 1960 Aston Martin DB4 One owner until 2008

A truly stunning example in a stunning color. Price estimate: 130.000 - 160.000 GBP

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The famous Aston Martin marque has produced some of the most powerful and handsome post-war high-performance cars in the world. Arguably Britain's first real Gran Turismo worthy of appellation, the DB4 made its debut at the 1958 London Motor Show to great public acclaim. Successor to the DB Mk III, it was the first production Aston Martin to use both Tadek Marek's new twin overhead camshaft straight-six all-alloy engine and an extremely elegant aluminium body, designed by Touring of Milan and using their Superleggera method of aluminium panels over a lightweight steel tube frame.

Beneath the DB4's sleek and beautifully-proportioned lines, the 3,670cc unit developed 240bhp, while the new platform chassis featured independent coil-sprung wishbone front suspension, a coil-sprung live rear axle located by Watt linkage and parallel trailing arms, and all-round disc brakes. Performance of 140mph, 0-60mph in around nine seconds and 0-100mph in 20 seconds ranked it amongst te fastest grand tourers available - while its Connolly leather and Wilton-carpeted interior ensured that it was also one of the most luxurious.

Chassis number 291/R was first registered on 29th March 1960 to Mr G J Cooper of Longdon, Staffordshire. A lifelong Aston Martin enthusiast, he regularly used and enjoyed the DB4 until in 1968 he carefully placed it into storage in a garage at his home with the intention of one day returning his pride and joy to the road. As a young lad, the current owner would peer through a crack in the door of the garage and marvel at the beauty laying dormant inside. A chance encounter in 2008 between Mr Cooper and the same lad, by now grown up, led to an invitation to visit the house to see the contents of the garage. When offered the opportunity to purchase the car that he had coveted for so many years he could not refuse and duly collected his new acquisition to start the task of returning it to its former glory.

With expert help, the new owner carefully dismantled the car and stripped the body to bare metal. A testimony to the originality of the bodywork was that the chassis number was still marked inside each of the body panels in chalk as can be seen in the supplied restoration photographs. Repairs were made to the inner wings and wherever else necessary, and the body was then primed to prevent corrosion and prepared for painting, the body preparation taking 3 months to complete. Over the course of the restoration every nut, bolt and washer was removed and every part of the car refurbished or renewed with the reconditioning of the brake callipers alone costing in excess of £3000. The transmission and rear axle, often the cause of unwanted cabin noise, have been overhauled meaning that long distances can be covered without discomfort.

Very much a labour of love, the restoration of 400 AAB took well in excess of 1160 man hours, not including the time put in by the owner himself, resulting in the magnificent motor car which we are offering today. The 85,457 miles indicated at the time the new MoT certificate was issued are believed to be genuine. The Caribbean Blue paintwork has a wonderful lustre and the sumptuous light grey leather interior is luxurious and inviting. This is without doubt one of the best presented DB4s that we have had the privilege of seeing in recent years.

A photographic record of the restoration is supplied together with Swansea V5C and MoT certificate valid until July 2011. Having covered less than 500 miles since restoration this beautiful DB4 is on the button and ready to be enjoyed by only its third owner in over 50 years.

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