Monday, December 13, 2010

FS: One Owner 1967 DB6 Vantage

Ahh, here is something sweet to look at for a Monday morning. A beautiful top-shelf restoration. Price is not disclosed, but I can imagine it is going to be steep. Perhaps north of 180k GBP?

Read more about it HERE

This beautiful and iconic Aston Martin DB6 Vantage is that very rare bread of classic car, one whose entire history can be traced successfully through documentation from delivery to the present day.

This absolutely superb example has spent most of its life owned and treasured by just one family since it was delivered to its first owner, Mr. Ball, on 13th February 1967.

The extensive history file has a copy of the original supply invoice as well as other correspondence about the sale.

The car was personal transport for Mr. Ball, who ran a Travel and Chauffeur Hire Company, and it subsequently passed to his children. His daughter reports that during the ‘70’s, her Mother and Father toured extensively in Europe with the Aston Martin, particularly enjoying driving over the highest Alpine passes.

In 1993, for sentimental reasons, it was decided to undertake a substantial restoration of the car. The vehicle file has the documentation and invoices relating to this work. It was then stored in the family garage until it was sold on in 1997, and there is DVLA SORN correspondence validating this. There are also a number of MOT certificates that offer a guide to validation for the mileage of the vehicle.

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