Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Irish Times review of Rapide

Here is another review of the € 275,000 Rapide. I doubt they will be seeing to many of these in Ireland with the new austerity measures. I am sure anyone who can afford one of these has already fled the Emerald Isle for friendlier and more economically stable shores.

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FIRSTDRIVE ASTON MARTIN RAPIDE: EVEN IN those heady pre-Nama days, the Aston Martin Rapide would have struggled to make it on to the must-have list, rather than the wish list, of those who might have afforded a super car of this calibre. The chances of seeing one of these in IMF Ireland is now even more remote.

With a price tag of € 275,000, a six-litre petrol engine, 20-inch wheels (whose brake discs are bigger than the wheel of an average saloon car), frightening fuel consumption and very tight interior space, the Rapide is of limited appeal indeed.

Unlike other Aston Martin models, the Rapide is billed as a four-door car that offers more practicality. It is a relative term. The two scooped-out rear seats might accommodate an extra two for a round trip to the theatre, but that’s about it. And if they are taller than 5’10”, even that would be an uncomfortable trip.

This is no family saloon. Rather it is a sports car in the grand tradition, but tuned to the limits of what is possible these days. When you sit into it, you realise what it is like to enjoy something bespoke. You are cocooned by beautiful stitched leather and instrumentation that puts an average production car to shame. Slot in the key and you hear an engine sound that would do justice to an advancing tank column.

Select the D button and you move off with the impression that the V12 engine – despite its boom – is actually docile. Whatever the road presents is absorbed effortlessly. It is only when you select the performance settings for the engine and suspension that you realise which part of the car is Jeckyl and which is Hyde.

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