Monday, December 20, 2010

RM Auctions: 1958 Aston Martin DB MK IIIA Coupe

An original LHD 1958 Aston Martin DB MK IIIA Coupe. This is going to be an interesting one to watch. The description claims it was bought from the original owner in 2009 who purchased the car in California. I am partial to this car as a un-restored example. The interior has been recovered, but the remainder appears as "maintained" but not "restored".

They make a lot of hay with the "black plate" cred, but then close listing with the line, "Please note that this vehicle is titled by the engine number." This would tell me there is some kind of story there. Also looking more closely at the pictures shows the "historical vehicle" plate, which can still be obtained, rather than a period-correct black plate.

If the new owner can sufficiently explain the title issues, hopefully he will keep this car original rather than "restoring" it to a fake gloss.

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Chassis No.

To be auctioned on
Thursday, January 20, 2011
162 bhp (SAE), 2,922 cc DBA inline six-cylinder engine with dual overhead camshafts and dual SU carburetors, fully synchronized four-speed manual gearbox, independent front suspension with coil springs, trailing arms and anti-roll bar, trailing link, coil springs and Armstrong lever dampers, live Salisbury rear axle located by trailing links and transverse Panhard rod, and hydraulic four-wheel drum brakes. Wheelbase: 99"

- An incredibly original “black plate” California car
- Just 44,000 miles and acquired from its original owner in 2009!
- Perhaps the world’s most original DB2-series Aston Martin available anywhere
- Offered complete with copy of its original factory build sheet
- Recently serviced and ready for classic rallies, tours and preservation-class judging

The Frank Feeley-styled DB2, introduced in May 1950, marked the debut road model for Aston Martin under industrialist David Brown, who had recently acquired the company.

In 1953, this gentlemen’s sports car grew into a four-place saloon, the DB2/4, followed by Drophead Coupe and Fixed Head Notchback variants. By 1954, a new 3.0-liter engine producing 140 horsepower was introduced, and then in 1955, the revised MK II debuted at the London Motor Show. The MK II continued through early 1957 when the MK III supplanted it, with its upgraded DBA engine now providing 162 bhp and up to 178 hp with optional dual exhaust outlets. Detail refinements enhanced the exterior styling, particularly the grille, and a redesigned instrument panel now placed all gauges directly in front of the driver, its binnacle reflecting the new shape grille opening influenced by the DB3S sports racing car. The former 2/4 model designation was dropped in 1957, with the cars now simply known as the DB MK III. Four-wheel “Alfin” drum brakes were standard, with Girling front disc brakes optional on the earliest MK IIIs produced, sometimes known retrospectively as the MK IIIA. While factory records show 529 DB MK IIIs built, the AMOC Register places total production at 551 examples, including one purpose-built competition car.

The car offered here, an original left-hand drive, Southern California “black plate” MK III from 1958, is particularly desirable and unique. It was purchased new by the original owner, one Mr. Warren Painter of Sun Valley, California from a Pasadena, California-based Aston Martin dealer, and remained with him until his death, when the current owner acquired it with only 44,000 miles logged through 2009. It is unquestionably one of the finest original “time capsule” Aston Martins in existence today.

As offered, the DB MK III retains much of its original 'Broken White' (Ivory) paint finish, with only selective repairs made over the years as required, along with a superb chassis. The interior was originally trimmed in black Connolly hides, and the front seats were re-covered at some point. Mechanically, it is noted to track and drive with a tight feel, as only such an original, unrestored car would. Recently, the current and second owner acquired the car when it first came onto the market, with the original intention of restoring it. Upon delivery and reflection, however, he wisely realized that to do so was both unnecessary and detrimental to the unique character of this car. He has driven and enjoyed the DB MK III occasionally since acquisition, and he has entered it into one classic rally, confirming it runs as it should. He is now offering it publicly for sale for the first time in its lifetime.

According to the noted, award-winning Aston Martin restoration specialist Kevin Kay, this car is “the template with which any DB2-series Aston should be compared for an authentic restoration.” Recently serviced and eligible for preservation-class judging, as well as most classic rallies and tours available today, this 1958 Aston Martin DB MK III is offered complete with a copy of its original factory build sheet dated March 1, 1958. Mostly original, carefully preserved and unrestored, this DB MK III has an irreplaceable patina that simply can’t be replicated and places it in a class all its own. After all, a collector car is only original once.

Please note that this vehicle is titled by the engine number.

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