Monday, December 6, 2010

Strong performance of Young Driver AMR remained unrewarded

From Aston Martin Racing news.

Young Driver Aston Martin Racing had one of the quickest cars at the two final races of the GT1 World Championship at the Portrero de los Funes track in Argentina. Stefan Mücke (GER) and the former Formula 1-testdriver José María López (ARE) dominated the qualifying session in their Young Driver-Aston Martin DBR9 and took the Pole-Position. But in the Qualifying Race, the penultimate race of the season, Mücke had to retire after a collision that followed a rather controversial start of the race. A strong chase in Championship Race gave Mücke and López a fifth place finish. Darren Turner and Tomas Enge, who travelled as title contenders to Argentina, had bad luck in the two last races of the season. The British/Czech driver pairing in the second Young Driver-Aston Martin suffered with a high success ballast due to their success in the last races and finished in 10th and in 15th position.

The start of the Qualifying Race at the scenic track went a bit chaotic. Before the lights went green, the second placed car overtook polesetter Mücke and was even ahead of the German before the starting line. In the first corner, the leader braked very early. Mücke had nowhere to go and crashed into the back of the leader, which caused damaged to the front end of the Aston Martin and forced Mücke to retire. “From our point of view, the second placed car on the grid made a jump start”, explained Young Driver team principal Hardy Fischer. “We expressed this to the race director, but he had a different point of view.” Darren Turner and Tomas Enge lost their mathematical title chances in the Qualifying Race, but showed a good performance and battled from 17. place on the grid to 10th place, securing a promising starting position for the Championship Race.

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