Thursday, January 6, 2011

Coys Auction: 1972 Aston Martin V8 (FIA Race Car)

In my search to bring you the latest in Aston Martin auctions, I happened across this listing for a 1972 V8 racer. While not the best to look at, it could be interesting for someone who wants to compete in marque-specific racing events. The ad mentions using it for classics racing, but 1972 is getting on the end of where you would be eligible for a "classics" category. The history of limited production for FIA certification makes this an interesting car.

This car looks like it has been really raced. Prospective owners would be well advised to consider the ongoing investment required for a racing application without much support. 60k GBP I would think is on the high side for a car this aesthetically unpleasing, but we'll see what happens on January 15th.

Estimate: £60,000 - £70,000
Registration Number: JJF 650L
Chassis Number: V8/10672

The DBS V8 was replaced by the Series 2 model in 1972, now simply called the Aston Martin V8. Gone were the four headlamps and slatted grille, in their place was a black mesh grille flanked by single headlamps. August 1973 saw the Series 3 arrive with quadruple Weber carburettors, a larger bonnet bulge, and from 1977 increased power.

This early 1972 V8 model was first owned and run by Aston Martin Director C.H.Warden as his test and development car, and fitted with the rare five speed ZF manual gearbox. Mr. Warden had a number of “tweaks” made by the factory, such as upgraded injection, telescopic dampers, a straight through exhaust, and a “long diff.” fitted which was claimed to give theoretical top speed of 199mph.

During the eighties the car was looked after by Aston V8 racer Robin Hamilton. In the current long-term ownership JJF 650L was initially modified for the Aston Martin Championship in the UK, leading to conversion to full FIA race spec which was completed in 2005.

The car was built by renowned experts "Wren Classics" at a cost of over £130k and is described as being in top order, with “train-like“ engine and handling as good as any fully-modified DB4 or GT.

This is one of only two known FIA approved Aston Martin V8s in the world, the other being “The Muncher”, Robin Hamilton’s famous 1977 DBS V8 Le Mans entrant. As such this car is eligible for Classic Le Mans, the Masters Series, and the CSCC, amongst others. The car came second in the AMOC national championship two years running and has also won many awards in both racing and hill climbing.
This is an important Aston Martin in the world of classic racing, with a fully detailed service and build record, all relevant documents, invoices, and setup data, also fully valid FIA papers, 3 sets of wheels and tyres, and a race spares package.

This car has the ability to race amongst serious competition and beat them. It is a fine entry to real historic racing at the highest level and as such represents excellent value.

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  1. Amazing what a Google search brings up! This car was in my family from 1975, until the early 90s. It broke my heart to have to sell it. It is indeed a rare car. My father, who bought it from Mr Charles Warden, had the Konis and factory sports exhaust fitted. Aston Martin Service looked after the car, but could never master the bespoke Bosch injection. I had that set up by Chapman Spooner and we think the car pulled 400+bhp, on a good day. It was such a lovely car to own and drive and the only negative were the 70s technology brakes and single figure consumption, on occasion. Proud it has done so well and is such an important car, but kind of sad it is not still original, given its provenance. Would love to know how/where it is, 15 years on from this post.