Wednesday, March 23, 2011

1959 Aston Martin DB4GT Convertible rebuild

Dutch restoration shop Zwakman Motors recently posted this intriguing project to their website about a restoration project on a DB4GT convertible. Unfortunately there were no pictures of the project in its current state. I can't recall seeing a convertible version of this car before.

If we were able to see some current pictures, that would probably help to drive interest, also for us to help determine the time frame of the rebuild. Zwakman does have an impressive history of Jag restorations, so they will definitely be one to watch as this project progresses.

DB4GT cars were the shortened version of the DB4 and equipped with the powerful GT engine which were also fitted in the famous DB4 Zagato cars, they were handling much better and were much more powerful as the standard & vantage cars, unfortunately this fantastic specification was never available for the DB4 Convertible however there is just 1 exception on the rule and well this car.

The project was started back in 1964 and a DB4 car as many new parts were bought to build a proper DB4 Convertible GT and so the start being made, unfortunately some time later the owner went into liquidation with his company and did hide all his private possessions to avoid it of sale and did succeed to keep all of his car.

His situation took many years to come back in better shape but as he was unfortunate he never returned to a situation of wealth as the rich days he was in before and so been unable to finish his much loved project.

The amount of brand new DB4GT factory parts including the necessarily brand new bodywork to alter the DB4 into Convertible present with the project is just amazing.

Now we have taken over the project progress being made to start up the work to finish this ultimate spec DB4 which will be the greatest of all DB cars as the combination of the so admired performance of the GT & the rich pleasure of the Convertible at a sunny day in the country roads been a dream of many real Aston Martin and Motoring enthusiasts.

The work would be carried out to the absolute highest possible standards.

A one and only chance to own and enjoy a DB4 Convertible GT fabricated out of all genuine & brand new parts.

Planned for spring 2013, stage payment possible after required deposit.

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